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What is branding?
When we talk about brand identity, we talk about the whole package: the strategic foundation (why you exist and for whom, your values) and your visual identity (logo, colours, typography, imagery, layout principles). Because all of these elements together, make up a brand identity. Tone of voice (the way you speak and write) and other elements such as a brand jingle is also part of your brand identity. We believe that if you are clear about who you are as a business, and present yourself clearly to your customers, the more future-proof your business is. Then you can focus on the other important things such as business development, culture, sales and marketing.

Branding is essentially the way you present your business to the outside world and how people perceive you. If your brand was a person then the brand identity is that person's image/personality – how they look, how they dress, how they move, what they say, how they say it, how they behave. The way people feel about that person – well, that's their reputation – and a good reputation is crucial to success.
Enough talking, here's our portfolio:
Sperre Air Power
Brand transformation, brand identity design, website design, brand guidelines
Creative concept, logo & brand identity design, animation
Visual identity system and website design
KMD – Fakultet for kunst, musikk og design
Logo & brand identity design, signage & wayfinding
Bane NOR
Creative concept, brand identity design
Seafood from Norway
Label og origin & brand identity design
Solberg Pettersen
Brand identity design and website design
Logo & brand identity design, signage & wayfinding
Oppdrift podcast
Logo & brand identity design, animation
Logo & brand identity design
Launch campaign design, brand guidelines
Minnesota Agency
Logo, brand identity design, illustration, website design
Website design

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