Keep the momentum going

Bane NOR is the Norwegian government agency responsible for owning, maintaining, operating and developing the Norwegian railway network, including the track, stations, etc. As a result of the rail reform of the Conservative-led coalition in 2017, the former Jernbaneverket needed a new name, logo and brand identity across all physical and digital platforms. They landed on the name Bane NOR, and the logo was designed by Scandinavian Design Group.
With a logo but without a visual toolkit, Bane NOR came to Uniform, because they needed a brand identity. We developed the creative concept Momentum which became the core of Bane NOR's brand identity. It describes the role the organisation has compared to the other railway organisations. Momentum is also the implicit message in all forms of communication. Symbolically, Momentum is interpreted as a carrier of potential energy. This energy is transferred from one element to another, giving them strength and direction. The creative concept Momentum can be visually applied to all types of formats, be it digital or physical through the use of the graphic elements. The result is a more visually cohesive, clear and trust-worthy organisation.
Kristine was design lead on the project, and the identity was designed in 2017—2018 while she was employed by Uniform, Oslo.

Photographer: Einar Aslaksen
Animation: Stir
Bane NOR brand video – Momentum
Creative Direction by Uniform, video production by Stir
Arrow – Designportfolio

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