Branding a destination

Gaustablikk is a well established ski resort and hotel at the foot of Gaustatoppen (1883 m), the highest mountain in the county Telemark, Norway. The owners of Gaustablikk were renewing the hotel and needed a new logo and brand identity to match. Research showed that the old logo and identity was not representing the new strategy behind the desitination. Time to dust off the old stuff.
The new logo is an simplified visual interpretation of the peak Gaustatoppen (1883 m) which is located right next to the ski resort and hotel Gaustablikk. It was important that the brand identity presented the destination as four seasons, so we made sure that this was represented in the photography and the colour palette. The brand identity system springs from the triangles in the logo and the graphic elements are used across print material, digital and wayfinding and signage.
Kristine was design lead on the project, and the identity was designed in 2015—2016 while she was employed by Uniform, Oslo.

Photographer: Lars Petter Pettersen
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