Look up – to a better life

Housing is a highly successful real estate business based in Mumbai, India. Housing’s data science labs and innovative product design has revolutionised the local real estate market in India. In 2015 – when they started their journey, they came to Moving Brands because they needed a new logo, brand identity and launch campaign. Kristine was a key designer in the process of finalising and implementing the brand identity across all platforms, as well as designing the brand guidelines and creating illustrations. She was also a key part of the launch campaign team and designed all the major campaign materials.
The core creative concept behind the brand Housing is optimism. The catch phrase LOOK UP is used on all materials, to tie together the visual element of the brand – the look up symbol – and the communications concept behind it all – optimism. The brand identity is naturally colourful, and use illustrations and imagery to reflect the iconic angular look up symbol.

The new brand identity was launched in 2015 on the day of the Holi festival, a popular ancient and annual Hindufestival, also known as the "festival of colours", where the participants throw coloured powder at eachother, light bonfires, eat and drink. This is the reason behind the colour explosions around the ‘Look up’ symbol in the visual communication of the launch campaign. All the major newspapers in India, changed their front page to display the Housing launch campaign. The Times of India even changed the colours of their masthead to Housing colours!
Kristine worked on this project while working as freelance senior designer at Moving Brands in 2015.
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