A brand identity with an attitude

The visual identity was initially developed for Bergen Academy of Fine Art and Design. In the process of developing the identity, and as part of the Norwegian Educational Reform, Bergen Academy of Fine Art and Design was merged with Grieg Academy of Music and incorporated into the University of Bergen as Faculty of Fine Art, Music and Design. The new faculty was allowed to keep its visual identity, as it was a premise underlying the process.The visual identity's purpose was to unify the different art fields, by having a strong and clear voice, but also allowing the students work to take centre stage. The identity had to interact dynamically with its users, both digitally and through the physical space of the new building.
Tension is the concept for the brand identity. The concept is interpreted through the name of the fields: Fine Art (KUNST), Music (MUSIKK) and Design (DESIGN) forming an inherent chaos in a vibrant and dynamic logo system. Each logo version, varying in intensity, is limited by the space defined by the surrounding design elements and the given format. The identity expands, pulsates and lives – from secluded, close and quiet – to bold, fearless and powerful. The identity's purpose is to be a messenger of chaos and to express unpredictability and friction.
Kristine was design lead on the project, and the identity was designed in 2016—2017 while she was employed by Uniform, Oslo.

Gold – European Design Awards 2017
Bronze – Cannes Lions 2017
Gold – Gullblyanten 2016
Certificate – Visuelt 2017

Photographer: Magne Sandnes
Webside development: Scandinavian Design Group
Animation: Molte
KMD Case video 2017
Created by Molte
Arrow – Designportfolio

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