Inspired by our forefathers who migrated west

Heads & Tales was a branding agency in Oslo and Kristine joined as a Creative Director in 2019. One of the jobs she was responsible for was the rebranding of the agency itself. There was a new strategy in place, and the existing name and brand identity did not fit. It was time to take a new position. Out with the old. In with the new name: Minnesota! The new name and strategy draws inspiration from our forefathers who emigrated to America. They embraced new challenges in uncharted waters without compromising their proud identity and strong heritage — the recipe for every successful brand.
The new brand identity is playful and optimistic, and plays with every aspect of Minnesota. "Minnesota Nice" is the stereotypical behavior of people born and raised in Minnesota – to be courteous, reserved, and mild-mannered. A lot like us Norwegians. The logo is also Minnesota Nice. Kristine designed the brand identity, the website and the look & feel, illustrations and animations for the lockdown campaign called "Business as unusual".
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