Prodecon website revamp

Prodecon is a Norwegian consulting company established in 1999. They offer management, governance and consulting in all types of construction, infrastructure and development projects on behalf of public and private clients. They found themselves with a very dated website not adapted to all devices, and they worried this was going to affect business. They needed a complete redesign. In addition, they needed a richer visual toolkit, because the existing identity was very limited.
Kristine was design lead on the project, and redesigned the entire Prodecon website in 2019 while she was employed by Minnesota Agency, Oslo. The project consisted of several user oriented workshops with the client, and prototyping of sketches during the process. As part of the website redesign project, Kristine gave the visual identity a revamp. They had a logo and a few colours, and that was it. The colour palette was upgraded to work better digitally, and the squares in the logo were utilised across the website. In addition, a new set of illustrative icons were designed to enrich the visual toolkit.
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