Seafood from Norway – Origin matters

The Norwegian Seafood Council works together with the Norwegian fisheries and aquaculture industry to develop markets for Norwegian seafood. They aim to increase the value of Norwegian seafood resources, through market insights and market development around the world. One tool they have been using for many years was a label or origin with the title NORGE. One problem was the name itself, but another problem was that the illustration in the label did not represent the entire seafood industry, and was seen as very dated and not adapted to a digital world. NSC needed a new label of origin and a visual identity toolkit.
The core concept is Norway's peerless advantages in seafood; our natural resources – the Arctic crystal clear waters, our respect for nature and coastal culture. Our heritage. We wanted the label itself, the mark, to be descriptive in the name (Seafood from Norway), and to play on mirroring mountains in the ocean. It stands well with all the industry's own brands, lending them the attention they crave. Photography is the protagonist in the visual toolbox, emphasising the responsibility, experience and competence that distinguish the Norwegian seafood industry from seafood of other origins. Utilising few but proud elements in clean compositions, the identity stands tall and majestic.

The country of origin identity is a strategic tool to enhance the industry in a future where seafood is set to become our key export product. It is used globally on Norwegian seafood products and marketing material – often in collaboration with industry players – targeting both consumers, politicians, the press, trade and industry.

This brand identity was designed in 2016–2017 at Uniform, Oslo. Kristine Blesvik was design lead on this project from concept development through to rollout.
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