Sperre brand transformation

Sperre is a world leading, Norwegian-based global maritime tech company that develops, produces, deliver and service compressed air systems for ships. Allthough they are known for their state-of-the-art products and exellent customer service, their old brand identity did not reflect this at all and they needed help transforming and updating their brand into one that matches their modern values and vision.
We worked closely with the Sperre management in transforming their brand identity in line with the new brand strategy created by EGGS Design. The core concept for Sperre's new brand, "It's personal", represents the passion and dedication Sperre employees have towards delivering high end products and customer service. This comes through in the new Tone of Voice developed by Takk for sist and the photography by Marius Beck Dahle. We evolved their logo from a generic to an ownable wordmark, as well as making their symbol more modern. The old traditional red + black brand colours were replaced by a more vibrant and unique palette, and we chose a typeface with more personality and identity. The graphic elements of the visual identity is a continuation of the logo symbol, which symbolizes air being compressed.
KastleBlack deliverables: Brand identity design, website design, brand identity guidelines and exhibition stand design.

Project owner: EGGS Design
Brand design lead: KastleBlack AS
Webside development: Avento
Content and Tone of voice: Takk for sist
Photographer: Marius Beck Dahle
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