We are a small studio in the deep woods of Indre Østfold, and because we are small, we are flexible, responsive and effective.

About us
KastleBlack was born out of two things. A solid brand identity design background and a genuine curiosity for how video content can help brand stories come to life. We are creative problem solvers who are extremely passionate about building strong, energetic brands through strategic design and engaging video content. Our mission is to produce outstanding creative work that really makes a difference for the business and its users. We believe thoughtful branding will build audience and increase sales.
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We design brand identities and create videos, and branding is the umbrella of everything we do.
The people in the kastle
Kristine Blesvik is a creative designer and strategic brand consultant with over 11 years experience working in branding agencies in both London and Oslo. Her core expertise is brand identity creation for national and global companies, helping them look professional, stand out from the crowd and attract their customers.

Stefan Mintsev is our video producer. He has a triathlon background from Bulgaria, UK and Norway and was working as a triathlon coach, until he did a 360° career turn into video creation. He is extremely passionate about high quality creative video content as a tool for storytelling. He is the tech expert and has an incredible attention to detail.
What exactly is branding and why are people saying it is so important? Well. Branding is essentially the way you present your business to the outside world and how people perceive you. If your brand was a person then the brand identity is that person's image/personality – how they look, how they dress, how they move, what they say, how they say it, how they behave. Then how other people feel about that person – well, that's their reputation. And if we go back to business branding again – a good reputation is crucial to success.

When we talk about brand identity, we talk about the whole package: the logo, colour palette, photography style, illustration, icons and graphic elements, typography (the fonts, you know), layout principles, animation principles, tone of voice. Because all of these elements together, make up a brand identity. We believe that behind any brand there should be a good strategic foundation – in the simplest terms: why you exist and for whom.

Let us be your branding guides
We know it can be overwhelming. But we can work closely with you to help you make sense of your brand and identify your branding needs – whether it's starting from scratch or just renewing one of more elements. Let us guide you through the process of future-proofing your brand and making sure your brand identity is unique, and tailored to attract your customers.
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