The story of the kastle in the north and how it all started.

Our story
KastleBlack was born out of two things. A solid brand identity design background and a genuine passion for video content and moving image. We needed to bring a new dimension to branding, and set out on a mission to make the world less static by bringing brand stories to life using moving image.

We started in the challenging year of 2020, from our home in the woods of Indre Østfold. We have always loved nature and the outdoors, so having a stuffy office in a block in Oslo just isn't us. Being able to take a walk in the woods whenever we want gives us the energy and motivation we need to create outstanding work.

Oh, and the name is inspired by Game of Thrones and the castle in the north. But you might have already guessed that. We'll tell you more over a cup of coffee.
The people in the kastle
Kristine Blesvik is a creative problem solver and a strategic brand identity designer and consultant with over 12 years experience working in branding agencies in both London and Oslo. Her core expertise is brand identity creation for national and global companies, helping them look professional, stand out from the crowd and attract their customers.

Stefan Mintsev is our video producer. He has a triathlon background from Bulgaria, UK and Norway and was working as a triathlon coach, until he did a 360° career turn into video creation. He is extremely passionate about high quality creative video content as a tool for storytelling. He is the tech expert and has an incredible attention to detail.

Our network of talent enables us to scale up as needed. We have a network of web developers, designers, strategists, copywriters and animators that we can bring into any project if necessary. These are specialists we trust, and we will manage the project to ensure a smooth process and delivery.
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Don't be static
We believe that in order to be visible and get people’s attention in an overcrowded busy digital universe, it is essential that businesses act human. And by that we mean; be down to earth, be real, be transparent, be alive, be fun, be dynamic and always always always be relevant to your audience (customers). Everything advances at the speed of light – technology, platforms, attention – so it is crucial to evolve your brand identity to avoid becoming irrelevant, outdated and static. You might lose credibility and the trust of your customers. It is a much better investment to do occasional maintenance on your brand, than to do a full refurbishing and repositioning once every 5-10 years. Another way to be dynamic is to use moving image in your communications. Video not only converts better in social media, but it is more engaging, more memorable and it connects with your audience on a deeper emotional level.
What do we do
We design brand identities and create videos, and branding is the umbrella of everything we do.

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