The world is moving so fast. So move with it. Don't be static!

Moving image
Video as a form of communication is winning peoples attention and hearts. Most consumers don't want to read or look at pictures anymore. They want to be engaged and inspired. Fast.

Brand storytelling through video is very effective and can give you that competitive advantage. It truly is a great way to stand out and connect with your audience on a deeper emotional level. There is no doubt in our minds: video is the the new image. If an image is worth a thousand words, imagine what a video is worth. In these crazy digital times with social media madness and attention spans shorter than that of a gold fish, moving image is winning all the attention.

So, what is it that we do? We create videos for the digital world. It could be a 5 second logo animation, a 50 second presentation video for a business, or a 30 minute interview. We are open to most things. Maybe you just want a drone video of your cabin? Whatever it is, don't hesitate to ask. One thing is for sure, we do like to be creative with the camera and in post production. We strive to create videos that stand out and captivate the audience!
See how we work
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Videos we have created
The Funny Farm
Promo video 2021
Helle Knives – The GT
A trusted companion for decades
Kvikkleire – Årsaker og sikringstiltak
Video about quick clay for the Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate
Amendo promo video
Short animated company presentation
Helle Kletten and Kletten K
Popular every day carry knives
The forces of nature
A visit to the beautiful Hemsedal, Norway
Alfa Jerv huntingboot
Self initiated product video
The art of blowing glass
Promo video for Indigo Glassblåseri
KastleBlack 2020
Showcase video
Bike tricks
Short action video of a young rider
Mountainbike at Jeløy
Short action video using drone and gimbal
One salad to rule them all
Handheld video techniques
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